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"Mesterolone" 50 mg (2*25 - 50 tablets) ZPHC
"Mesterolone" 50 mg (2*25 - 50 tablets) ZPHC
"Mesterolone" 50 mg (2*25 - 50 tablets) ZPHC
"Mesterolone" 50 mg (2*25 - 50 tablets) ZPHC

"Mesterolone" 50 mg (2*25 - 50 tablets) ZPHC

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Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical, Mesterolone (Proviron) tablets 50mg, 50 tablets in box.

Mesterolone ZPHC for sale useful information:

Buy Proviron ZPHC, belongs to a number of steroids of pharmacological company Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC). The active ingredient in the basis of the drug is Mesterolone for sale, which has a high androgenic and low anabolic activity. This is a hormonal drug that can affect the increase in the amount of free testosterone in the blood. Proairon has a slight antiestrogenic effect and in small quantities, practically does not inhibit the production of natural testosterone. Proviron ZPHC for sale, used in various sports, where you need to get a well-drawn relief. With a correctly compiled course of buy Proviron ZPHC, the steroid increases muscle density and stiffness, enhances libido and erectile function, has a slight antiestrogenic effect, and stimulates erythropoiesis.

During the period of administration, the ability to bind SHBG is also observed, which ensures an increase in the level of free testosterone. Buy Mesterolone ZPHC, in addition to sports, is used in medicine to solve many problems. In sports, it is used not only to increase free testosterone, but also to prevent the action of estrogens, which become active due to aromatization. Anabolic steroid activity is 40% of testosterone, androgenic - 150%. By inhibiting SHBG activity, the antiestrogenic effect of Mesterolone ZPHC is achieved, which reduces the percentage of side effects. Thanks to the suppression of aromatization, and the obstacles to converting steroids into estrogens, it helps athletes to avoid gynecomastia, fluid accumulation, and an increase in subcutaneous fat. If the recommendations are not followed and the maximum allowable dosage is exceeded, Proviron ZPHC, like many other steroids, can cause adverse reactions. Basically, they are all associated with high androgenic activity. Acne, oily skin, increased hair growth on the body can occur. Purchase Proviron ZPHC is not toxic to the liver, which is a significant plus.

Effects of Proviron ZPHC:

  • Improved Potency, High Libido
  • Expressed and prominent muscles. The most characteristic feature of Proviron is that it determines the popularity of the drug. Proviron is even allowed to succeed by women, since - Proviron fo sale has low side effects (however, nevertheless, Proviron is not popular among professional bodybuilders).
  • Improving sperm quality
  • Mild androgenic effect
  • Activation of the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men
  • Anabolism
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