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"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)

"Testo MIX 250" 250 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules) Spectrum Pharma

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Testo Mix 250 is a potent and long-acting composite steroid. This is a testosterone formula which, due to the four active components - short ester propionate, medium testosterone phenylpropionate and isocaproate, and prolonged ester decanoate - has a powerful, and most importantly, even action. It's great for strength and weight training courses.

Spectrum-Pharma has a system to protect its products from counterfeiting. The authenticity of the goods is checked with the help of verification codes (unique symbols are printed on the boxes) on the official website (www.spectrum-pharma.com). At AtletikPharma we offer to buy the original product

Properties, features Testo Mix 250

Testosterone is rightfully considered to be one of the key anabolics in the male body. The hormone is directly involved in the development of primary and secondary male sexual characteristics, including helping with the recruitment of muscle mass and leads to the strengthening of the bone system. Testosterone propionate is the first to take effect following an intramuscular injection, followed by the phenylpropionate and isocaproate esters, which take effect within 2-3 days and 4-5 days respectively, and the last one, testosterone decanoate (up to 7-9 days).

Like the male sex hormone itself, Testo Mix 250 has a whole palette of beneficial effects for the jock:

First, it increases muscularity and strength potential;
Second, it increases stamina or speeds up recovery;
Third, it strengthens the bone system and reduces joint pain.

The formula boasts powerful anabolic activity and pronounced anti-catabolic properties. On the one hand, it leads to rapid muscle mass gain (due to hypertrophy of muscles and water retention), and on the other hand, it protects muscles from degradation.

Be sure to adhere to the recommended dosage, frequency and duration of use of Testo Mix 250. Androgenic and estrogenic side effects are almost inevitable when injections are abused: increased aggression, acne, excessive water retention in muscles, female-type fat accumulation, baldness, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia; some other complications.

To reduce the risks during a heavy course, athletes use mesterolone (Proviron) and anastrozole or letrozole (aromatase inhibitor). It is also sometimes necessary to use gonadotropin (hCG).

The course of application
The average dosage in bodybuilding ranges from 500 mg (2ml) to 750 mg (3ml) per week. For maximum effect, athletes use doses of 125-250 mg (0.5-1 ml) and inject every 2 to 3 days. This amount of Testo Mix 250 is sufficient for fast and pronounced strength or weight gain.

Testo Mix (250mg, by Spectrum) combines well with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, and also works well together with most hormones or peptides. To get the most out of it, put together a combination course. Here are 3 examples:

1. With methandienone (in tablets or injections) - a simple weight gain course;
2. With oxymetholone and metenolone enanthate - a powerful weight-lifting course;
3. With stanozolol (injections, suspension) - a popular power course.

Solo courses are considered ineffective or unsafe.

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