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"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)
"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules)

"Testen" 300 mg/ml (1ml*10 ampoules) Spectrum Pharma

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Testosterone enanthate - features and efficacy

Testosterone enanthate price is a hormonal medication that consists of a long ester and belongs to the class of androgenic and anabolic steroids. Initially, it was only used for medical purposes, however, it later gained popularity in weightlifting and strength sports for its special ability to rapidly build muscle mass and provide a strong surge of strength. It is considered one of the most popular forms of the hormone all over the world, apart from the United States, where enanthane is inferior to cypionate. Buy test enanthate is available the ability to produce a variety of pharma firms.

Description of the substance
This form of ester is available only in the form of injections, however, there is no need to make injections extensively, because the drug has a long-lasting result. Bodybuilders who already have experience taking anabolics in their own practice respond positively about the effectiveness of the product, which raises the values of strength and endurance, as well as providing rapid weight gain. This pronounced weight gain is not only due to the accelerated synthesis of protein, but also due to the retention of water in the body. With this in mind, it should be understood at the beginning that there will be a powerful pullback at the end of the cycle. Studies have proven that testosterone shots price has a positive effect on the process of blood formation, with an increase in the number of red blood cells. The ester is susceptible to a pronounced degree of strong aromatization, so it is mandatory to undergo post-course therapy.

Conditions for taking testosterone enanthate
Anabolic is more popular amongst strongmen than other esters, although it is inferior in quality to its congeners, but has a more tolerable price, which is very often considered the main criterion for selection.

There are a couple of schemes for its use that have gained the most traction.

  • For weight gain. The dosage is 250 mg, can be combined with Turinabol.
  • For building muscle mass volume. The dose will be 250 mg combined with methandienone.
  • For enhanced muscle growth in the amount of 750 mg of anabolic and anandrol daily.
  • For building quality lean muscle, 250 mg in combination with Winstrol.
  • The duration of all 3 courses should not exceed 6-8 weeks. In the last week post-course therapy should be added.

The drug can be taken as an independent cycle, or in combination with other anabolics, which will help to achieve a synergistic result. Before combining with other anabolics, testosterone enanthate should be obtained from a physician or trainer who has had practical experience with the above regimens in the bodybuilding community.

Side Effects
Even an ordinary headache medication can have a bad effect on the human body if it has an individual intolerance to the active ingredient or constituent components of the product. The same is the case with test enanthate. It has an increased list of negative effects, although their frequency of occurrence when taken correctly is quite low.

The biggest problem lies in the conversion of the active component into estrogens, which entails such unpleasant symptoms as:

  • Swollen breasts.
  • Acne, acne
  • Hair loss on the head.
  • The use of anti-estrogens can help relieve such symptoms.

There are also cases of abnormalities of the cardiovascular system in the state of variations in blood pressure readings, gastrointestinal tract.

Very often there are such factors as: high irritability, aggression, sleep disorders, dizziness and headaches.

Avoiding adverse reactions will only help by following the correct prescription. The drug is one hundred percent prohibited for women, due to the high probability of manifestation of virilization.

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