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"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma
"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma
"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma
"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma
"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma
"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma

"Mast P" 100 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) Spectrum Pharma

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Manufacturer Spectrum Pharma, Mast P (drostanolone propionate, masteron) 10ml vial, 100mg in ml.

Masteron Spectrum Pharma is an androgenic anabolic steroid with high androgenic and anabolic indices, which is also an aromatase inhibitor and diuretic. Mast P Spectrum Pharma does not aromatize and reduces the concentration of sex hormone-binding globulin. Drostanolone Spectrum Pharma is a short ether, the half-life of which lasts 2-3 days, so you need to take a steroid every day or every other day, but it is quickly eliminated from the body.

For example, those athletes who have to pass a doping control test cancel the drug 10-6 weeks before the test. Since Masteron Spectrum Pharma is a diuretic, it does not increase blood pressure.

Drostanolone Spectrum Pharma is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, which, in general, is associated with its ability to suppress the action of aromatase and weaken the effect of estrogen. In general, cycle of Masteron Spectrum Pharma solo on a low-carb or non-carbohydrate diet allows you to hone bodybuilders to perfection. For lovers, of course, it’s better to use Anavar to prepare for the beach season, but Masteron to prepare for the competition. The advantage of Mast P Spectrum Pharma is also the absence of side effects such as torn muscles and ligaments, which promises the use of Winstrol. Perhaps this is why drostanolone is often called the mild form of stanozolol, and trainers in fitness clubs, who draw visitors to their insidious network of sophisticated experience, take this steroid almost all year round.

Beginning alchemists are better off avoiding Mast P Spectrum Pharma, saving it for more difficult times, when their anabolic receptors will get well well and lose their sensitivity. It is better for beginners to replace a cycle of drostanolone Spectrum Pharma with the cycle of oxandrolone, if it is a question of “drying”, if it is a matter of gaining muscle mass, then mass-gaining cycles with the participation of masteron Spectrum Pharma are all the more better to leave for the future. If you are a security officer and want to try this wonderful AAS, then you should start your acquaintance with steroids with something else. If you do not want to move into a heavier weight category, then Turinabol can be used for these purposes. If being in a certain weight category does not bother you, then you can use more classic strength drugs like a soundboard.

Duration: 6-10 weeks, but the course for 10 weeks should be either power or weight, when "drying" drostanolone Spectrum Pharma is connected 6 weeks before the start.

Dosages: from 200 to 600 mg per week, effective dosages start at 400, in principle, the pros put 1 g per week, but 400-600 will be enough for middle-aged athletes at 50 cm. Dosage frequency: injections are usually given every other day, although it is possible every day, since masteron is a short ether.

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