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"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC
"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC
"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC
"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC
"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC
"Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC

4x pack of "Mix of 3 Trenbolones" 200 mg/ml (vial 10 ml) ZPHC

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Manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical, Mix of 3 Trenbolones (Tren Mix, 3 tren) 10ml vial, 200mg in ml. (Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg,Trenbolone Enanthate 50 mg, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50 mg).

Buy Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC, is a powerful steroid that has a number of effects on the human body and increases many indicators. Its anabolic activity is 400% of testosterone, and anabolic - 200%. Buy Tren Mix ZPHC contains a mixture of three trenbolone esters. The main active ingredient includes: trenbolone acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. Due to its high anabolic and androgenic index, the steroid helps to achieve maximum results. This combination allows for a long-term effect, during which a gradual cleavage of each of the esters occurs.

The substance enters the blood according to a prolonged principle. The duration of activity of trenbolone acetate is from 1 to 3 days, it first reacts and reaches a peak concentration some time after the injection. Trenbolone enanthate acts for 10-14 days, it affects the increase in muscle mass, level of endurance and strength. The hexahydrobenzyl carbonate ester reacts up to 14 days after administration, its properties are similar to trenbol ananthate. The effect after applying Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC is relatively quick, since the substance begins to act immediately after administration.

Usually it manifests itself in a sprout of good dry muscles, which can reach 10 kg for the entire cycle. This indicator is very high, since when using other steroids, a lot of fluid accumulates in the body and the gained mass after the end of the course is largely lost. Trenbolone Mix ZPHC for sale, operates in several directions, allowing you to achieve many results. With the help of Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC for sale, enhanced muscle growth is activated, protein synthesis is stimulated, and a positive nitrogen balance is created. During the cycle of the cycle, there is an increase in appetite, a decrease in body fats and protein growth, and a slowdown in the catabolism process.

At the end of the program, the body becomes embossed, and the muscles are drier and stiffer. In addition, the steroid stimulates the production of growth hormone, accelerates the recovery process, increases strength indicators, affects the increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor, reduces the degree of cortisol concentration, and increases libido.

Buy Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC: Reviews buy Trenbolone Mix ZPHC are mostly positive. It is actively used in areas such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting and other sports. Athletes note a positive effect that quickly manifests itself and lasts for a long time. This steroid provides an increase in strength indicators and gives a significant increase in weight. Many are attracted to injections that are given once a week. This is very convenient, as some drugs must be administered every day. Tren Mix ZPHC for sale does not cause water retention, so the gained muscle mass is better and does not have a pullback phenomenon.

Where to buy Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC? In our online store, you can always order Tren Mix ZPHC. Steroids are not easily purchased at the pharmacy, and buying from unknown sources is dangerous. You may encounter a fake that has no positive effect. A proven and reliable store is the key to good product quality. All products manufactured by Pharmacom Labs are compliant and certified. Each unit has a unique code that can be checked on the official website. The original Mix of 3 Trenbolones ZPHC has unique properties that allow you to achieve high performance.

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