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"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU
"Hygetropin" 10 vial*10IU

"Hygetropin" 100IU KIT 10x 10IU (HGH)

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HYGETROPIN HGH 100IU KIT 10x 10IU is an HGH or a Human Growth Hormone that helps muscle recovery, regeneration, and creation of lean mass in the body. It is a potent formulation that gives the best performance. That is why it is a very sought after HGH today by bodybuilders who want to bulk up quickly and those who wish to delay the biological clock.

What is the product?

Hygetropin is produced by recombination of the gene using DNA technology (rHGH ). The product boasts of the highest quality and the purest form of human growth hormone, consisting of a whopping 191 amino acids. It is the best substitute for the natural HGH because the amino acid series present in it closely resembles what our body naturally produces. Hygetropin was first produced in the year 2001.

How does it work?

The human growth hormone HGH is a hormone that the body secretes naturally from the pituitary gland. Its primary function is to stimulate growth by processes of cell reproduction and regeneration of old damaged cells.

As we advance in age, our bodies cannot produce HGH naturally and in as much quantity that needs to be optimized by it. This is a natural and universal phenomenon. However, with the decline in the production of the human growth hormone, there is a slump in the body’s growth as it is no longer able to generate cells or repair damaged cells on a day to day basis. This is also what makes aging faster.

How to use it?

With the steep fall in the body’s growth hormone, you will begin finding aging and fatigue signs. Some of the sure signs are a pain in joints and muscles, deadening of skin tone, wrinkling of the skin, slackening, insomnia or less sleep as time goes on, and a drop in the libido. Even skin sensitivity and blood pressure levels are directly affected by the less production of these growth hormones.

With lesser growth hormones, the body begins to store more fat, and there is an unprecedented reduction in the metabolism rate. Memory loss and scattering of the brain is a common phenomenon. In other words, the lower growth of the hormone affects every part of the body.

Hygetropin is in lyophilized powdered form and needs to be injected for reconstitution along with sterile water. The growth hormone is always in demand as people who have used it find it very useful. It is a good idea to stock up on the growth hormone as the stocks on various online pharmacies fly off even before they are arranged on the shelves.

Benefits and side effects

The benefits:

  • The amino acid series in the growth hormone is extremely identical to what the body naturally produces
  • It is offered in more than one dosage and therefore is very convenient to its frequent users.
  • It is made by maintaining the highest quality standards.

The product comes in what is referred to as kits, a box containing a pack of 100 IU. The box contains ten vials each. Each vial contains 10 IU rHGH.

  • It boosts physical health, strength, and agility.
  • The price is very reasonable and it is value for every dollar spent on it
  • It boosts immunity and
  • Improves sex drive

Side effects:

  • The dry powder may contain some bacterial residue, which is harmless.
  • The kit does not contain bacteriostatic water.


Human growth hormone is a universal peptide and, therefore, can be used by everyone. It is closely associated with its ability to aid muscle growth. By virtue of being just like what the body produces, synthetic growth hormone is absolutely no fear of any contraindications or risk of antibodies. You can consult a doctor before you begin using it.

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